Sectional Reps

Representatives of the Sectional Committees are also members of the Executive. Each section (Anchors, Juniors, Company/Seniors) are each entitled to appoint three representatives. One of these Rep spaces is reserved for an Under 26 only.

We currently have no under 26 reps (leaders or senior boys) but if you would be interested, let your Captain know!

Our current reps (including a correction from an earlier post).

Susan Beagrie, 4th Fraserburgh, Anchors.
Elaine Mowat, 1st New Pitsligo, Anchors.
Garry Birnie, 4th Fraserbugh, Juniors.
Stuart Pratt, 1st New Pitsligo, Juniors.
David Smith, 4th Fraserburgh, Company.
Derek Richardson, 1st Strichen, Company.

The Constitution also allows for two representatives of the Training Committee to be represented.