Summer Adventures 2024

We are excited to announce the return of the Summer Adventures Competition for 2024! This competition is open to all young people from every company in the Battalion and provides some fun challenges to do over the Summer Holidays, all whilst competing to see if your company can gain the most points!

Unlike last time, we now have a new system for logging points which will allow participants to keep track on which activities they have already completed, and will also automatically update on the Leaderboard so you can always know how your company is doing!

Whether you are trying to complete all the activities, or only manage a few, all members are welcome to enter!

For any queries, please email, or message our Facebook Page

How to Sign Up!

  • To sign up, please complete the form at, this form should be completed for each participant to register them
  • Please note, on sign up, we ask for the parents email address, this is so we can send out details of how to log activities, this will not be shared publicly.
  • If the participant is 13 years old or above, they may signup and provide their own email address with parental permission, anyone under 13 must have a parent complete the sign up form to comply with data protection regulations!
  • Once registered, we will send out details of how activites should be logged in advance of the competition starting!
  • If there are any issues signing up, please email or message our Facebook page and we will be able to help!


  • Competition starts at noon on 5th July and runs until 11:59pm on the 17th August
  • Participants can sign up at any point in the competition and are allowed to back date any activities as long as they have been completed since the start of the competition
  • Only activities completed after the start date and before the end date can be submitted for points
  • Only young people registered to a company in Buchan Battalion are eligible to participate
  • There are 2 age groups for the competition, Under 11 and Over 11
  • Participants who are 11 years old, may chose to enter either under 11, or over 11, but not both.
  • Points only count once the activity has been logged on our system
  • There is no cost to enter this competition
  • Participants should try and complete as many activities to increase there companies overall score!