Author: Ross Duthie



The Battalion is running a Lucky Squares Fundraiser to help towards the costs of our minibus!

Each square is £2 with random numbers given. To get your squares you can buy them via PayPal on the link:

The prize is a Scentsy Little Garden Warmer & 3 wax bars.

The minibus has proven to be a fantastic resource for our Battalion! Help us by helping to support it!


The 1st Strichen hosted the Battalion’s Chess and draughts competition last night on what proved to be a very exciting and busy night.

The five companies represented were 1st Strichen, 1st New Pitsligo, 4th Fraserburgh, 1st Fraserburgh and 1st Rosehearty. The competition was for Juniors, Company and Seniors age brackets. The winners were as follows:

Juniors Chess:

1st: Kieran T, 4th Fraserburgh (3 pts)

2nd: Brodie G, 1st Strichen (2 pts)

3rd: Rory S, 1st Strichen

Company Chess:

1st: Thomas S, 1st Strichen (3pts)

2nd: Noah D, 1st Rosehearty (2pts)

3rd: Ryan M, 1st Strichen

Seniors Chess:

1st: Thomas S, 1st Strichen (3pts)

2nd: Arran D, 1st Strichen

3rd: Kyle S, 1st Strichen

Juniors Draughts:

1st: Riley M, 4th Fraserburgh (3pts)

2nd: Daniel A, 1st Rosehearty (2pts)

3rd: Dylan M, 4th Fraserburgh

Company Draughts:

1st: Jack I, 1st Rosehearty (3pts)

2nd: Scott F, 1st Strichen (2pts)

3rd: Kyle Smith, 1st Strichen

Medals and handshakes were given by Steve Wilson, Battalion Vice-President.

Well done to all who attended and took part in tonight’s competition – everyone enjoyed it. Great to hear the kids having a good time in the Kirk too. Thanks to Stevie and the 1st Strichen for hosting!


This afternoon the 1st Strichen handed over the #140Baton to the 4th Peterhead at Aden House, in Mintlaw. The baton will now make its way to the Area’s most eastern point on the mainland – the Blue Toon!

The hand over party was made up of Liam and Kyle, brothers from Strichen who accompanied Company Captain Steve Wilson and Ryle and Nathanial from Peterhead who were accompanied by Lt Leon Lynch. Well done to all as the weather was not kind today.

We will look forward to seeing what the 4th Peterhead have in store.


The 1st Strichen will host the Buchan Battalion Chess & Draughts Competition for the 2023/24 Session.

Companies are invited to enter multiple individual entrants from across the Junior, Company and Seniors age brackets. Companies are asked to bring a chess/draughts board and pieces with them to ensure enough are available.

The Competition takes place on Friday 24th November 2023. Entrants should arrive at Strichen Kirk Hall for registration at 7pm.



This evening the 1st Rosehearty hosted the Battalion’s first ever Uno competition which was attended by 1st New Pitsligo, 1st Rosehearty, 1st Sandhaven and 1st Strichen!

All boys had a great night with lots of laughter. It was also great to see the #140Baton from the North Scottish make a special appearance! It was a close run competition with a run off for 1st Place! Medals and certificates were presented by Lynne Bruce, Chair of the Anchors Committee.

Individual winners:

1st Place: Thomas (1st Strichen)

2nd Place: Ollie (1st Rosehearty)

3rd Place: Alfie (1st Rosehearty)

Company Points were as follows:

1st Strichen – 3 Points

1st Rosehearty – 2 Points

1st New Pitsligo – 1 point

Thanks to all companies and boys for attending another successful competion. Further thanks to Lynne for organising another great night!