Day: 31 December 2020


We are pleased to announce that BB UK have launched new programmes for Building your Skills and Skills for Queen’s Badge.

The new programmes will enable young people to continue to work towards our major awards including the President’s Badge and Queen’s Badge this session. Both programmes will be delivered virtually using the video conferencing platform Zoom.

The new-look programmes are a temporary solution enabling young people to complete their awards during 2020-21 session and have been designed specifically to reflect the way they need to be delivered.

The training will be delivered by staff from North Scottish Area and information has been sent by email to Captains.

⚓There will be two Building Your Skills courses, one on 30 January and the second on 28 February, both starting at 1.30pm and lasting for approximately 3 hours including a short break.

⚓The Skills for Queen’s Badge courses will be held on 4 February and 3 March both starting at 7pm and lasting for approximately 2 hours.