Competition News


This evening the 1st Fraserburgh Company hosted the Company and Seniors Buchan Battalion Basketball Competition!

The first face-to-face competition since March 2020!Five companies were represented tonight and a Girl member participated in a Buchan Battalion Company Section competition for the very first time!


Company Section

1st Place: 1st Strichen

2nd Place: 1st Fraserburgh

3rd Place: 1st Rosehearty


1st Place: 1st Fraserburgh

2nd Place: 4th/5th Fraserburgh

3rd Place: Buchan Select

Thank you to the 1st Fraserburgh for doing an excellent job in hosting this competition.

General News


The 1st Rosehearty Company resume meeting on Tuesday 2nd and Thursday 4th November following the October holidays.

All sections meet at Rosehearty School at the times assigned in the picture.
Girls can join our Girls’ Association from the age of 10 up.

Any queries should be directed to the 1st Rosehearty Facebook page.

They are looking forward to seeing you all their!

General News


Please find Information Below For Enrolling with your Company for the New Session!!

Once information is available for other companies, we will keep you updated with their information for the new 2021/22 session!👍

General News

1st Rosehearty ENROLMENT 2021/22

The 1st Rosehearty Boys’ Brigade and Girls’ Association will enrol for the new session on Tuesday 31st August 2021.Anchors will enrol at 5.30pm. Anchor Boys will meet weekly on a Tuesday between 5.30-6.30pm at Rosehearty School. For Boys in P1-P3.Junior Section will enrol at 6.30pm. Junior Section will meet weekly on a Tuesday 6.30-8pm at Rosehearty School. For Boys in P4-P6 and Girls in P6.Company Section will enrol at 6.30pm. Company Section will meet weekly on a THURSDAY 7-9pm at Rosehearty School. For Boys and Girls in P7-S3.All existing and former members are invited to join. New members are welcome to join at any age.



On Saturday afternoon Michael Strachan, Captain 1st Rosehearty Company, was presented with his bronze Long Service Award marking 15 years as an officer. The award was organised by Lt Marc Thomson, Battalion Vice-President, and presented by Alison Chambers, Brigade Vice-President.

Michael’s first 15 years as an officer have not been typical! He became an officer in 2006 with the 1st Fraserburgh Company; the Company he joined as a boy in 1992 aged 5. By 2010 he was Officer-in-Charge of the Junior Section, a post he held successfully until his resignation in 2016. That year his assistance was requested by the 1st New Deer Company, where he served as Officer-in-Charge of the Company Section while instructing new officers to take over. He served in this post for two sessions.

Then in 2018, at the invitation and instigation of his friend the Vice-President, he helped restart the 1st Rosehearty Junior Section of which he was appointed OIC. A year later in 2019 he was finally appointed to be a Company Captain, serving with 1st Rosehearty. The team in Rosehearty have now successfully revived the Junior Section and a Company Section over the past 3 sessions, while the Anchor Boys go from strength to strength!

In addition, Mr Strachan is also a past President of the Buchan Battalion serving in the role 2013-17. He has the distinction of being the Battalion’s youngest ever President, being appointed unexpectedly at the age of 25 and leaving office aged 29. He now serves as the Battalion Queen’s Badge Advisor and has been a Vice-President of the North Scottish Area since 2018.

Here’s looking to the next 15 years!

(Image: Michael Strachan is presented with his certificate and badge by Alison Chambers, Brigade Vice-President).



Congratulations to Jack Irvine of the 1st Rosehearty Company who was presnted with his President’s Commendation yesterday.

The Presentation was made at Pitsligo Castle by the Brigade Vice-President, Alison Chambers, who spoke very highly of Jack and what he did to help his father in a difficult and challenging situation.

Jack was introduced by Lt Lynne Bruce who told us of his actions which led to him being awarded the commendation. As well as being very brave it is clear that Jack is also very humble about the whole thing!

Well done, Jack!

General News


As of today Michael Strachan becomes the new Queen’s Badge Advisor for the Buchan Battalion. Our outgoing Queen’s Badge Advisor, Lt Andrew West of the 1st Fraserburgh, has held the post since 1997 and has seen hundreds of boys achieve their Queen’s Badges – the highest award in the Boys’ Brigade. Mr West was very thorough and always inspected Queen’s Badge books in great detail before his candidates were able to attend completion courses. This is part of the reason, along with his dedication, his candidates have always enjoyed a very high success rate. We thank Mr West for his 23 years in the post which has elevated our Battalion’s reputation in the North Scottish Area and beyond.

Mr West is succeeded in the post by Capt. Michael Strachan of the 1st Rosehearty Company. Mr Strachan has some big shoes to fill and was delighted to accept Mr West’s kind offer of any advice or assistance if ever it was needed going forward. It may be of interest to note that Mr Strachan himself was awarded the Queen’s Badge back in 2005, Mr West being his Queen’s Badge Advisor!

We wish Mr Strachan every success going forward. Further details will be sent to Captains by Battalion Secretary, Lt Yvonne Duthie.

Image: Mr Andrew West (left) and Mr Michael Strachan (right).