Day: 1 January 2021


As of today Michael Strachan becomes the new Queen’s Badge Advisor for the Buchan Battalion. Our outgoing Queen’s Badge Advisor, Lt Andrew West of the 1st Fraserburgh, has held the post since 1997 and has seen hundreds of boys achieve their Queen’s Badges – the highest award in the Boys’ Brigade. Mr West was very thorough and always inspected Queen’s Badge books in great detail before his candidates were able to attend completion courses. This is part of the reason, along with his dedication, his candidates have always enjoyed a very high success rate. We thank Mr West for his 23 years in the post which has elevated our Battalion’s reputation in the North Scottish Area and beyond.

Mr West is succeeded in the post by Capt. Michael Strachan of the 1st Rosehearty Company. Mr Strachan has some big shoes to fill and was delighted to accept Mr West’s kind offer of any advice or assistance if ever it was needed going forward. It may be of interest to note that Mr Strachan himself was awarded the Queen’s Badge back in 2005, Mr West being his Queen’s Badge Advisor!

We wish Mr Strachan every success going forward. Further details will be sent to Captains by Battalion Secretary, Lt Yvonne Duthie.

Image: Mr Andrew West (left) and Mr Michael Strachan (right).