Day: 10 May 2023


Tonight 55 BB & GA members participated in the Buchan Battalion 10-pin-bowling, hosted by the 1st Rosehearty Company Section.

The winners were as follows:


1st: Jonathan Beagrie, 4th Fraserburgh (3pts)

2nd: Marcus Stuart, 1st Fraserburgh (2pts)

3rd: Ethan Alexander, 1st New Pitsligo (1pt)


1st: James Grant, 1st Strichen (3pts)

2nd: Liam Burnett, 1st Rosehearty (2pts)

3rd: Ryan Strachan, 1st Strichen

– – : Levi James Chalmers, 4th Fraserburgh (1pt)

It was great to see 7 companies represented tonight and a good number of participants.

Thanks to our Battalion President Marc Thomson for organising the event as OIC of 1st Rosehearty Company Section.

Well done all!