Day: 2 May 2024

QUEEN’S BADGE – Bailey LynchQUEEN’S BADGE – Bailey Lynch

Well done to Bailey Lynch of the 4th Peterhead boys Brigade who was awarded his Queen’s Badge – the highest award in the BB – at display night last Friday.

Bailey put a lot of work into the badge including volunteering with the 1st Rosehearty Anchors and Volunteering with Waulkmill.Menagerie Petting Farm. For his skill Bailey learned about animal care and for his physical he improved his stamina in kickboxing. A lot of work indeed!

Bailey’s brother Leon received the Queen’s Badge 5 years ago whilst his father, Lt Kevin Lynch, received his badge in 1997!

The President was present to see the award and had already congratulated Bailey on behalf of the Battalion and Executive.

Well done Bailey! Very much deserved!