This evening the 1st Rosehearty hosted the Battalion’s first ever Uno competition which was attended by 1st New Pitsligo, 1st Rosehearty, 1st Sandhaven and 1st Strichen!

All boys had a great night with lots of laughter. It was also great to see the #140Baton from the North Scottish make a special appearance! It was a close run competition with a run off for 1st Place! Medals and certificates were presented by Lynne Bruce, Chair of the Anchors Committee.

Individual winners:

1st Place: Thomas (1st Strichen)

2nd Place: Ollie (1st Rosehearty)

3rd Place: Alfie (1st Rosehearty)

Company Points were as follows:

1st Strichen – 3 Points

1st Rosehearty – 2 Points

1st New Pitsligo – 1 point

Thanks to all companies and boys for attending another successful competion. Further thanks to Lynne for organising another great night!