The 1st Strichen hosted the Battalion’s Chess and draughts competition last night on what proved to be a very exciting and busy night.

The five companies represented were 1st Strichen, 1st New Pitsligo, 4th Fraserburgh, 1st Fraserburgh and 1st Rosehearty. The competition was for Juniors, Company and Seniors age brackets. The winners were as follows:

Juniors Chess:

1st: Kieran T, 4th Fraserburgh (3 pts)

2nd: Brodie G, 1st Strichen (2 pts)

3rd: Rory S, 1st Strichen

Company Chess:

1st: Thomas S, 1st Strichen (3pts)

2nd: Noah D, 1st Rosehearty (2pts)

3rd: Ryan M, 1st Strichen

Seniors Chess:

1st: Thomas S, 1st Strichen (3pts)

2nd: Arran D, 1st Strichen

3rd: Kyle S, 1st Strichen

Juniors Draughts:

1st: Riley M, 4th Fraserburgh (3pts)

2nd: Daniel A, 1st Rosehearty (2pts)

3rd: Dylan M, 4th Fraserburgh

Company Draughts:

1st: Jack I, 1st Rosehearty (3pts)

2nd: Scott F, 1st Strichen (2pts)

3rd: Kyle Smith, 1st Strichen

Medals and handshakes were given by Steve Wilson, Battalion Vice-President.

Well done to all who attended and took part in tonight’s competition – everyone enjoyed it. Great to hear the kids having a good time in the Kirk too. Thanks to Stevie and the 1st Strichen for hosting!